Base maps for LPC4 or LPC8

Note that the base maps are for all kinds of firmware versions, it is recommended that you convert the file to the latest firmware version as well as upgrading the firmware on your ECU prior to first start up of the engine

Engine make Engine model Chassis File Info
BMW M30B35 E34 m30-2022.cud Turbocharged, manual transmission
BMW M50B25 non-vanos E36 m50b25 non-vanos turbo.cud Turbocharged
BMW M54B25 E46 m54b25 stock.cud Stock engine
BMW M60B40 swap m60b40 turbo.cud Turbocharged, E85, drive by wire conversion
BMW S38B36 E34 M5 e34m5-fw2.7.cud Stock engine
Chevrolet 350 TPI swap 350 tpi HEI ignition.cud 383 stroker engine, stock TPI intake and 7 pin HEI ignition, 700 trans
Chevrolet LS1 swap ls1 mild cam.cud Ported heads, mild cam, a tiny amount of nitrous (about 300hp)
Chevrolet LS7 swap ls7 e85 na.cud Lightly modified Mast motorsport engine, E85 fuel, 150hp nitrous
Dodge 360/5.9 Magnum Durango 360 magnum stock.cud Stock engine, 42RE transmission controlled by stock ECU
Dodge/Jeep 4.7 HO Grand Cherokee 47sc-v1.3.cud Kenne Bell supercharger with extra injectors controlled by PWM output. Auto trans on separate controller.
Dodge 318/5.2 Magnum swap 318 magnum 42re.cud Stock engine, 42re auto transmission controlled by LPC4
Dodge 318/5.2 Magnum Dakota 318 magnum procharger.cud Stock engine, Procharger F1 blower, manual transmission
Dodge Hellcat swap dodge hellcat e85.cud Kenne Bell big blower, Kenne Bell stupid big DBW throttle body, E85 fuel, 1.3 bar boost
Ford 351 Windsor EFI 1990 Econoline 351w.cud Stock engine with dual throttle EFI intake
Ford 302 small block 1995 Mustang 95 mustang gt 302.cud Aftermarket heads, cam, etc
Ford 4.6 SOHC 2 valve 1999 Mustang 99 mustang gt kb supercharger.cud Trickflow heads, 5.4 stroked, Kenne Bell supercharger, 4R70 trans controlled by LPC8
Ford 4.6 SOHC 2 valve 1999 Mustang 99 mustang gt vortech supercharger.cud Stock engine, Vortech supercharger. 4R70 trans controlled by separate controller.
Ford 4.6 SOHC 8 valve Lincoln Mark 8 ford 4.6 modular lincoln mk.cud Stock engine, stock wasted spark coils
Ford 4.0 V6 1990 Ranger ford ranger 4.0.cud Turbocharged
Ford Zetec 2.0 swap zetec turbo.cud Turbocharged, coil on plug conversion
Honda K24A3 euro 2007 Accord accord-lpc8.cud Basic street turbo engine with 9:1 forged pistons, manual transmission
Honda B16A2 EK Civic b16fw215dev.cud Stock engine, stock distributor
Honda K20A2 2008 Civic type R civicrxfw2.11-etc modified.cud Stock engine
Honda K20A2 swap k20a2 mechanical throttle.cud First generation K20A2 with cable operated throttle, stock engine
Honda K24A3 euro swap k24a2 stock.cud Stock drive by wire K24A3 euro engine
Honda F20C S2000 s2000 turbo.cud Turbocharged
Jaguar AJ33 V8 supercharged swap jag v8 sc newer.cud Stock engine, bigger harmonic damper for faster belt drive
Jaguar AJ27 V8 supercharged swap jag v8 sc older.cud Stock engine, bigger harmonic damper for faster belt drive
Jeep 4.0 HO Wrangler lpc8-jeep18-2-2-2 trigger.cud Trigger base settings, not tuned
Mazda BP 1992 Miata 92miata.cud Stock engine
Mazda 13B-REW FD RX7 93 rx7 tt gt35.cud With oil metering pump. 1000/2200cc injectors. GT3576 turbo
Mercedes-Benz M104 2.8 swap m104 60-2.cud 60-2 flywheel, otherwise stock engine
Mercedes-Benz M104 2.6 swap m104v19.cud Using stock weird 3 slot trigger, inquire about signal conditioner module needed
Mercedes-Benz M111 2.3 Ssangyong Korando m111 2.3 dbw stock.cud Stock drive by wire engine
Mercedes-Benz M113 5.0 ML500 m113 7226 ml500.cud Stock engine
Mercedes-Benz M112 W210 m112 stock 722.6 w210.cud Stock engine, stock transmission (EGS51 controlled), nitrous
Mercedes-Benz/td> M112 Kompressor W210 swap m112k stock 722.6 w210.cud Stock kompressor engine, supercharger clutch removed, stock transmission (EGS51 controlled)
Mitsubishi/Dodge 420A 1995 Eclipse GS 420a eclipse.cud Turbocharged
Mitsubishi 4G63 DOHC turbo 7 bolt DSM 1995 Eclipse GS-T 4g63 dsm.cud 18G turbo
Mitsubishi 4G63 DOHC turbo 7 bolt late Outlander 4g63 outlander turbo.cud Big turbo, 272 cams, Outlander (drive by wire) engine
Mitsubishi 4G64 SOHC 16 valve Galant 4g64 stock.cud Stock engine
Nissan TB42E Patrol Y60 tb42e-v215.cud Stock engine, manual transmission, distributor trigger disc flipped around
Porsche M96 Boxster boxster-lpc8v2.0.cud Big bore engine
Subaru EJ25 Impreza STi ej25 usdm sti gt30.cud AVCS deleted, aftermarket cams, GT30 turbo
Subaru EZ30R swap ez30r.cud Stock engine
Subaru EJ20 SOHC 16 valve Impreza GX impreza gx 125hp ej20 sohc.cud Stock engine, 6/7 trigger
Subaru EJ20 DOHC turbo Impreza GT imprezagt.cud Stock engine, stock wasted spark coil pack, 6/7 trigger
Subaru EJ20 DOHC turbo JDM STi Impreza STi jdm ej20 sti 34mm restrictor.cud JDM STi engine (3 cam sensors and 36-2-2-2 crank) 34mm air restrictor, drive by wire Subaru throttle body
Subaru EJ25 DOHC turbo Legacy legacy 2.5 turbo.cud Stock drive by wire engine, upgraded turbo
Subaru EJ20 DOHC AVCS 160hp swap legacy2007 ej20 avcs.cud Stock engine
Suzuki M15A 2017 Jimny 2017 jimny 1500cc.cud Stock engine with AMR500 supercharger, manual transmission
Suzuki K15B 2020 Jimny 2020 jimny sc.cud Stock engine with Bullet supercharger kit, 4 speed auto
Toyota 1G-FE Lexus IS200 is200 1g-fe turbo.cud Turbocharged
Toyota 1JZ-GTE swap 1jz.cud Stock engine, big injectors, big turbo.
Toyota 1KR-FE dual VVT Aygo 1kr-fe dual vvt.cud Stock engine, manual transmission
Toyota 1KR-FE single VVT Aygo 1kr-fe single vvt.cud Stock engine, manual transmission
Toyota 1UZ-FE swap 1uz-lpc8v21.cud Stock engine with dual distributors, manual transmission
Toyota 3S-GE beams single VVTi Corolla swap 3sge beams single vvt.cud Stock engine
Toyota 3UZ-FE swap 3uz stock.cud Stock engine
Toyota 7M-GTE Gen 3 Supra 7mgte.cud Upgraded turbo and injectors
Toyota 2ZZ-GE Corolla T-sport corollatsport 2zzge.cud Stock engine
Volkswagen EA888 swap ea888.cud Direct injection + port injection. Turbosystems hybrid turbo with electric wastegate
Yamaha R6 swap fs2018-launch.cud E85 fuel, single throttle, air restrictor

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