Here you can find the latest version of the BG calibrator software. A software suite for working with programmable controllers as well as a general purpose data log viewer by Baldur Gislason.


Too see what has changed in each new release see the release notes.

See also BG calibrator documentation

A 32 bit build that can run on older computers: calibratorx86-2024-05-28.msi

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Feature highlights

The user interface software is a vital part to a good control system, being able to record vast amounts of data and analyse it efficiently and quickly make the desired changes to the configuration.

User interface

The user interface is designed so that navigation and most operations can be done using the keyboard, greatly speeding up work in conditions where using a trackpad or mouse is difficult, such as in a moving vehicle on a bumpy road.

Configuration can be easily converted between different firmware versions and editing can be done with a controller connected or without. If changes are made to the configuration off-line without a controller connected, the software will display a report of the differences present between the configuration stored on the controller and the configuration loaded in the application when a controller is connected.

Software is designed with battery powered computers in mind. Using efficient coding practices, CPU utilisation is kept to a minimum, extending battery life.

Data logging and analysis

The software features a built in utility for viewing data log files which is not only capable of interpreting logs made by this application but most csv format log files as well.

The log data viewer features highly powerful math tools, enabling the use of mathematical expressions to combine multiple channels and extract meaningful information by integration, differentiation or other means. The math expressions can also combine log data with values from the configuration.

Tabs enable the user to keep multiple views accessible by one click or keyboard shortcut and perform the tuning in a more organised fashion. Have one tab displaying a summary of the air:fuel ratios, another tab displaying boost control parameters, yet another showing closed loop fuelling parameters, etc.

The tuner's time is valuable so the log viewer is designed to minimise set up time. Tab layouts can be saved for instant recall later or exported to files for sharing. Multiple variables can be assigned to a chart at once. Variables can be assigned to charts by drag-and-drop from the variable display.

Fast and lean C++ implementation. A 40 megabyte CSV log file that takes 13 seconds to open in a popular Java based log viewer software opens in less than three seconds in Calibrator. Java software needs 2.3 gigabytes of memory to render the log file, Calibrator handles same file with 170 megabytes.

Logs can be joined and trimmed, and if they have common time stamps, logs from multiple sources with different logging rates may be joined together. Logs from other sessions may be overlayed for reference.

Download a default configuration for any controller to have a look at the user interface

Download an example log file to try out the log viewer

Feedback? Questions?

If you have any feedback or questions on the operation of the Calibrator software, please contact the author.