• AEM X series wideband lambda controller

The AEM X series 30-0310 wide band lambda controller is a good companion for diesel or petrol tuning with a much wider measurement range than most other devices, using the CAN output it can measure lambda ranging from 0.55 up to 6.55. This wide measurement range makes it better suited for diesel use than most other devices. The CAN bus output also ensures there is no offset or noise induced by analog voltage conversion of the signal as the values are transmitted digitally to the ECU. The CAN output is compatible with all of our controllers. Up to 8 controllers can be connected to the same CAN network.

The kit includes the controller, an LSU4.9 lambda sensor and a mild steel M18x1.5 bung for welding to the downpipe. Suggested mounting location for the sensor is as close to the turbocharger as possible, and the sensor must be oriented at least 10 degrees above horizontal to avoid condensation from collecting in the sensor body.

This controller is equivalent to the 30-0300 gauge but without a display.

AEM X series wideband lambda controller

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