• PCS gear position indicator

The PCS gear indicator scans a vehicle's CAN bus and displays current gear data allowing technicians and vehicle operators to monitor the actual current gear used by the transmission, not just the lever position.

The data is displayed on a 5x8 LED dot-matrix display housed in a rugged plastic enclosure. The module automatically enters a low-power standby mode when no activity is detected on the vehicle's CAN bus ensuring low battery drain when the vehicle is not in use. There are three available harness options including unterminated, OBDII, or PCS option connector.


  • Autoscans to determine CAN standard used on vehicle (No user setup is required)
  • Red LED 5x8 matrix used to display characters P, N, R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • GDS Series (Square): Display brightness automatically adjusts to match ambient light levels
  • GDR Series (Round): Detects headlight status. If 12V is present, display will dim for "Night Mode."
  • Rated for 8-36V nominal battery voltage
  • Power, Ground, CANH and CANL are the only necessary connections

CAN Format

  • PCS TCU "Current Gear" @ 500kbps
  • PCS D200 Dashlogger "CGER" @ 500kbps
  • GMLAN "Commanded Gear" @ 500kbps
  • J1939 "Selected Gear" @ 250kbps

PCS gear position indicator

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