• Original LPC8 ECU

This product has been superseded by a new generation LPC8 ECU.

LPC8 is a spark ignition engine management system, presently capable of fully sequential operation (injection and ignition) on engines with up to 8 cylinders. Shares architecture and most features with the LPC4 but has more capabilities. See product's home page for more information.

Also suitable for body electronics control or instrumentation.

You can select optional input amplifier modules for the crank and cam position inputs at order time. These are necessary for some engines equipped with variable reluctance sensors but not all. If your engine has VR sensors and you are unsure, getting the module is the safe bet. If you are unsure what kind of sensors your engine uses, contact us.

This unit has a built in controller for a wide band lambda sensor so we'd suggest also getting the LSU4.9 sensor and connector to complete the package, but are leaving it optional in case you'd like to use a different sensor.

As of January 2021 the controllers are now available with an optional second lambda sensor interface at a slightly increased price to cover the labour of calibrating the second input. Existing units may be returned to get this upgrade performed also.

Package contents:

  • LPC8 electronic control unit
  • 12 pin mini-fit jr connector
  • 14 pin mini-fit jr connector
  • 16 pin mini-fit jr connector
  • 24 pin mini-fit jr connector
  • Crimp contacts for connectors
  • 1.5 metre USB A-B cable

Original LPC8 ECU

  • $949.00

  • Ex Tax: $949.00

  • 3 or more $820.00

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