• 4 bar MAP sensor

This is a GM package 4 bar MAP sensor. This 4 bar MAP sensor offers a linear output in the 0.1 to 4.0 bar range (absolute pressure unit). When used as boost pressure sensor, it can measure from -0.9 bar vacuum to 3.0 bar boost at sea level.

The package includes a connector and crimp terminals. This sensor is perfect for use with the DSL1 if you intend on running more than 2 bar (29psi) boost pressure or do not have a factory Mercedes sensor at hand.



Supply Voltage 5.0±0.5 VDC

Supply Current 10 mA max

Maximum Output Current Sink 1 mA

Source 0.1 mA

Output Impedance 10 ohms max

Output Type ratio metric

Sensor Operating Characteristics:

Pressure Range  0.1 to 4.0 bar (or, 5.8 to 58PSI) absolute

Proof Pressure 200%FS

Static Accuracy (%FS) 1.5 typ. 

Environmental Effects:

Compensated Temperature Range -40°C to +135°C

Storage Temperature Range -50°C to +165°C

Output voltage 0.25V at 0.0 bar, 4.85V at 4.0 bar with a 5.0V supply.

4 bar MAP sensor

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