• LPCX2 I/O expansion board

This expansion board fits inside LPC4 (all variants) and DSL1 ECUs (Serial number 200 and up) and adds the following features:

  • 8 additional analog inputs
  • 2 additional digital/frequency inputs
  • 4 additional low-side switched outputs
When ordered on its own it includes a new end panel for the ECU case so specify what type of ECU this is to be installed in. If you are purchasing the ECU at the same time, select the "extended I/O" option on the ECU ordering page instead.

Installation of this board involves soldering a connector to an otherwise unpopulated header on the ECU's circuit board. An improper soldering job can damage the ECU or cause improper operation of the expansion board. If you do not possess a professional quality high powered soldering iron and the skills necessary to carry this task out without risks you may send the ECU and have installation performed here at no additional cost.

This is a new product introduced in the fall of 2019. Unlike the previous expansion board offered for the LPC4 this one does not include an H-bridge driver for drive by wire. Another difference from the previous expansion board is this board is compatible with internal ignition drivers.

LPCX2 I/O expansion board

  • $220.00

  • Ex Tax: $220.00

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