• K-type thermocouple amplifier

This is an amplifier to convert K-type thermocouple signal to 0-5V for interfacing with gauges, data loggers or ECU analog inputs.

New design introduced in 2019. Integrated on to a mini K type thermocouple female connector for direct connection to most thermocouple probes. New design has a range of 0°C to 1350°C when supplying 8 volts or greater voltage to the device (30 volts maximum). 0°C to 965°C with a 5 volt supply.

Comes with 0.5 metre long flying leads for supply voltage, ground and signal output connections unless otherwise requested.

Calibration curve when configured for full range measurement (default unless otherwise requested):

  • 0°C 0.011V
  • 10°C 0.041V
  • 30°C 0.110V
  • 50°C 0.179V
  • 100°C 0.354V
  • 250°C 0.865V
  • 500°C 1.748V
  • 800°C 2.812V
  • 1000°C 3.487V
  • 1100°C 3.810V
  • 1300°C 4.418V
  • 1350°C 4.560V
Can also be configured for reduced range (in this mode the supply voltage must not exceed the maximum input voltage of the analog input) but precision is improved at lower temperatures:

  • 0°C 0.019V
  • 10°C 0.070V
  • 50°C 0.259V
  • 100°C 0.518V
  • 200°C 1.023V
  • 250°C 1.276V
  • 500°C 2.590V
  • 800°C 4.161V
  • 965°C 4.991V

K-type thermocouple amplifier

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